Category: Social Justice

‘Tunnel of Oppression’ exhibit presents minority experience

Published Nov. 15 Written by Mitali Shukla Each year, Chapman’s Residence Life and First Year Experience presents the “Tunnel of Oppression” gallery. Under normal circumstances, Residence Life dedicates the Sandhu Conference Center to the exhibit, where students can walk around and view performance art pieces on a variety of issues related to the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ […]

‘Failure in the courts’: Trump administration may threaten pillars of democracy

Published 11/9 By Mitali Shukla President Donald Trump’s dismissal of standard election conventions in counting mail-in-ballots, according to Gordon Babst, a Chapman political science professor, is one of many violations of the norms of democracy he has perpetuated in the last two elections.  One of the three pillars of democracy, as defined by The New […]

Opinion | Kamala Harris’ election restores some faith

Published 11/9 By Mitali Shukla Vice President-elect Kamala Harris embodies many firsts for America: first female, Black and South Asian vice president. After she dropped out of the presidential race Dec. 3, 2019, President-elect Joe Biden chose her Aug. 11 of this year as his running mate. This was a surprise to me, given their […]

Opinion | Can you be friends with a Trump supporter?

Published on 10/26 In the past, I’ve managed to dodge political discussions with people who I know have differing views from mine. Especially in this election year, I always end up more pissed off after conversations of that nature. Part of me feels guilty, because it’s as if I have some responsibility to try and […]

‘Second Armenian genocide’: Arabian fears for fate of her country

Published on 10/26 Territory in the Caucasus mountains in Armenia, referred to as Nagorno-Karabakh, has been the topic of geo-political conflict for decades. Senior broadcast journalism major Lindsey Arabian is all too familiar with the war-torn state that Nagorno-Karabakh – or as Armenians call it, “Artsakh” – has become.  “It’s heartbreaking to see their posts […]

COVID-19 endangers Orange County’s homeless population

Posted on October 19 When Paige Goedderz, a senior sociology major at Chapman, crossed the Highway 57 bridge to check out potential housing options at Chapman Grand, she noticed large encampments of homeless individuals on the Santa Ana riverbed.  “When I ended up moving to Grand and living there, the encampments were all cleared out […]

Opinion | Trump is why we need a wealth tax

October 4 Written by Mitali Shukla When I learned that President Donald Trump paid virtually no taxes the year he won the election, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. In 2017, a typical nurse earning a yearly wage of $70,000 payed $5,400 in federal income taxes, according to CNN. Meanwhile, The New York Times released […]

Opinion | America has always been burning

September 7 | Written by Mitali Shukla After roughly six months of the global pandemic, our country’s state of affairs only seems to be getting worse. The entirety of 2020 has been almost everyone’s worst year, but it is also the year of reckoning: fires ravaged 2.5 million acres in California, the U.S. police killed […]