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Review | Best Albums of 2020

2020 was a garbage fire of a year in most arenas of life, but it was arguably an amazing year for music. Black, LGBTQ+ and female artists dominated the charts. The highly anticipated 2021 Grammy’s are flooded with songs from social media app TikTok, for which artists like Doja Cat owe their rise to fame. […]

Chapman virtual performance of ‘In the Next Room’ pushes boundaries

Written by Mitali Shukla Published Nov. 23 Normally, actors in a play are used to being onstage when performing theater. What happens when that stage is pulled away from under their feet?  Just two weeks into rehearsals, Chapman’s College of Performing Arts (COPA) halted their production of the play “In the Next Room” March 18 […]

Review | Black movies, TV shows and stand-up you need watch

September 21 Written by Graham Byrne, Mitali Shukla and Micaela Bastianelli We missed out on a lot of things this year. But, thankfully, the pandemic has given us the opportunity to cuddle up with our pets or quarantine buddies to watch entertainment on a variety of streaming platforms. The Panther staff has compiled all the […]

‘Challenger’ docuseries uses Chapman archives

September 27 By Mitali Shukla As the second most-viewed NASA launch in its history, the Challenger disaster stands out in history because it could have been prevented.  Netflix released the four-part docuseries “Challenger: The Final Flight” on Sept. 16, investigating the 1986 failure-to-launch of NASA’s “Challenger” space shuttle. The flight garnered global attention because of […]

Troubadour GoFundMe

Written by Mitali Shukla Since its grand opening in 1957, West Hollywood’s historic music venue The Troubadour has hosted musicians such as Elton John, Guns N’ Roses, and Nina Simone; comedy moguls Richard Pryor and Steve Martin began their careers on the Troubadour stage. These days, the venue has hosted artists like Billie Eilish and […]

A sit down with “Grown-ish” star Drew Liner: a college student on and off the screen

Written by Mitali Shukla Published on 04/01/2020 Chapman’s Preview Day, for most, is a chance for prospective students to observe campus, get a feel for the student body and imagine what Chapman could hold for them. But for Andrew Liner, Preview Day was marked by an extraordinary moment – when he got a call from […]